Rain Proof your bag with NeverWet Spray (Available on Ditch the rain cover (that you use) and simply make your backpack water-proof with Rust-O-Leum’s “NeverWet” spray. Simply spray and let dry for a magic layer of water protection.

Make a deodorant Safe. Open your existing deodorant, twist it up to remove the top portion, place your valuables (credit card, cash, etc) inside, and replace the top. You can do this with a new deodorant and still have room for most things, but a nearly empty stick has a bit more space.

Make a Tennis Ball Safe. If you’re still paranoid about your stuff getting stolen, use the tennis ball safe. To make this all you do is slit a 2-3 inch hole in a tennis ball and squeeze to open. The upside of this one is that it can hold more delicate items like SD cards and jewellery as well as cash. Plus, no one will think twice about a ball in your bag.

Make a Drawstring Knit Cap Bag. Pull a drawstring from an old laundry bag and weave it through the knit of a cap. You can use it to protect delicate electronics – like an iPad – when you are on the move.

Make a Prescription Bottle Medical Kit. Get an Orange Prescription Bottle from the chemist. It is water-resistant and is tinted to filter out UV light that degrades most medicine, making it the perfect container for your handful of diarrhoea pills, Crocins, band-aids, Neosporin….

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