Founder & Managing Director, Guardian Corporation

The founder and managing director of the Guardian Corporation, Mr. Manish Sabade is a successful and ambitious visionary.

At the helm of this corporation, he plays the role of providing strategic direction and vision, crucial decision making and new business exploration, grooming and developing strong leaders and executors within the group of companies, overseeing all key functions including business development, finance and operations of all divisions at Guardian.

Above all, he has built a far reaching and strong business network with clients, associates, investors and channel partners that ensure continued and long term growth of the corporation. He brings with him relentless energy, enthusiasm and passion to all aspects of business. He is an avid sports enthusiast and has consciously ensured real contribution to sports and youth development through different platforms of various Guardian divisions.

Director, Guardian Corporation
Formerly, Director- Corporate Development of Sakal Media Group, with over 18 years of experience in the field of media and entertainment, he brings outstanding strategic and operational skills to the Guardian Corporation. At Guardian, he plays the central role of business strategy, new business expansion, solution and service development, feasibility and team management for various divisions of Guardian.

Director, Guardian Corporation

With an exemplary record in the active entertainment and media domain, he brings rich experience through his illustrious stints with Universal Studios and Ramoji Film City. He has played a crucial role in the concept design and execution of Ramoji Film City. At Guardian, his focus division is Entertainment where he has the core responsibility of developing the concepts and projects for the active entertainment formats. He also extends his insights and expertise in developing specific niche products at Guardian tourism division.

Director, Guardian Corporation
A Fulbright fellow and a mass communication graduate from U.S., Mr. Dabke comes with over two decades of technical experience of very high order. Technology integration, be it launching of a satellite channel or complex solution of a park ride, Mr. Sanjay has created unique products in the past. Today, he works with diverse technology such as animatronics to holography, binding them seamlessly to create an experience which is bound to be unforgettable. In Guardian Media & Entertainment he is leading several national and international theme and amusement park projects.

Managing Partner, LifeCycle
The core force behind the “LifeCycle” division, he is an ambitious entrepreneur within the Guardian Corporation and uses his rich sporting and cycling background to bring a high level of competence to the store. Through his serious passion for cycling he travels all over the world and is highly attuned to the new trends in the product as well as the activity of cycling which further adds value to the business. He is responsible for the strategic planning, entire operations and all key decision making at “LifeCycle”.