Dubai the jewel in the crown of the United Arab Emirates Dubai is the place to go if you want a heady mix of leisure and worldly pleasures. One of the dream shopping destinations for tourists it offers both high-end retail therapy and awesome sights. It is a perfect getaway destination for families and business conclaves too! It dishes out an eclectic mix of superlatively modernistic experiences with glitzy malls, super structures teamed with a rich cultural heritage! Dubai no wonder is famous as the paradise city for tourists!

Sights in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, standing mega-tall at an astounding height of 828 meters is the world’s tallest building and your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you haven’t been to the observation deck on the top! At the base it’s surrounded by beautiful gardens with winding walkways and water features including the famous Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is a wide, eight-lane highway lined with modern glass, chrome, and steel high-rises. It’s the main access road running through Dubai’s modern downtown business district. Most of Dubai’s famous malls are located along the road’s route. Many important landmarks flank this road including The Dubai World Trade Tower, the Gold and Diamond Park, the Mall of Emirates among others.

Mall of Emirates

Indulge in retail therapy at one of Dubai’s most famous malls – the Mall of the Emirates! Boundless shopping opportunities, varied eating options offering a diverse mix of world cuisine along with a host of thrilling rides for every age group and a cinema complex make it a complete family entertainment and shopping package. It also has an indoor ski slope complete with chairlifts and a penguin enclosure, all at a continuous temperature of -4 degrees Celsius.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall having a total internal area which is equivalent to 50 football fields and includes 1,200 shops. It is one of the world’s most-visited shopping and leisure destinations. It provides entry to the Burj Khalifa as well as the Dubai Aquarium. The ice-skating rink, gaming zone and cinema complex provides entertainment galore! The famous annual Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival are held here.

Burj Al Arab

One of the key landmarks of Dubai, the Burj Al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel, standing 321 meters high on an artificial island on the Dubai coastline. Its sail-like exterior is lit up by a beautiful colored lighting show at night. The Burj Al-Arab is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. One can experience extravagance and opulence at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant or you can enjoy lunch at California-style fusion restaurant Scape. The Skyview Bar on the 27th floor offers panoramic views over the city.

Deira Gold Souk

Get bedazzled with the display of shining metal at the Deira Gold Souk, a place which should be on every tourist’s itinerary. You will be fascinated as you walk around the covered narrow walkways flanked by hundreds of shops offering a huge selection of jewellery made from gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones and metals.

Best time to visit

Weather-wise, Dubai has an overall hot temperature. The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March when temperatures are in the range of 30°C and one can enjoy clear blue skies. From June to September, temperatures average 43°C with 95% humidity.